َAbout MakanSangShekan

Regarding to the more of 25 years of experience in the manufacture and the distribution of stone crushers in the huge variety of crushing lines, Makan Seng Shekhan Company, executing by Mr. Jafarzadeh, has carried out extensive measures in the field of design and consultant which offered its capabilities to various domestic and foreign industries. After years of research, production, and supply of all categories of mineral crushing machines and spare parts for all Sand & asphalt factories, the field of this company is not only providing common machines, but also making special devices. It has had considerable background in the direction of crushing various minerals with regional characteristics.

Makan Seng Shekhan Company

In addition to providing the specified equipment in the country, Makan Seng Shekhan Company also has the ability to provide these products in the international levels with outstanding competitive quality.

Accuracy, speed, quality assurance and provision of nationwide services are four important and fundamental factors that have always been considered in this company. This company makes the best efforts to provide its services to its consumers in the least time at the reasonable cost and with the best quality.

The parts provided by this company include all types of stone crushers in different sizes and capacities, such as jaw crushers, hammer crushers, cone crushers (Hydrocon), impact crushers (Cubit), centrifugal crushers and powder mills. , supplementary devices such as feeders, sands and salt-sands and mineral transfers such as conveyor belts, elevators and spirals.

Makan Seng Shekhan Company appreciates any suggestions for cooperation with various groups in the field of design, build, installation and operation lines for crushing and processing all kinds of minerals, rebuilding and repairing all kinds of stone crushing machines, as well as manufacturing and supplying spare parts related to the machines.